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The Red Zone

Closing in the RED ZONE - How Outside Counsel are Selected

By Allan Colman, Managing Director, the Closers Group:

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During the past 20 years, I've had the good fortune of sitting in with in-house counsel as they discuss their outside firms and the selection process for new ones. As you read the following quotes, do an honest assessment of whether you and your firm meet any of the categories. And if so, make sure you use the suggested tactics to solve the problem.

1. "Law firms are dumb about what companies really want. I am shocked at how cocky and not-in-tune they are." SOLVE THE PROBLEM by holding a pre-meeting or phone conversation with your contact. 2. "I am going to start hiring plaintiff attorneys who are successful versus large companies like ours; they are winners." SOLVE THE PROBLEM by decoding hidden decision making cues that might even come from the CEO. 3. "Our law firms are spoiled and dull - I want to shake things up." SOLVE THE PROBLEM by concentrating on efforts to enhance your retention. 4. "I want people who win, whether selling our products or beating our competitors in court." from a CEO. SOLVE THE PROBLEM by using the selection process to demonstrate what additional value you bring to them, even from the discussions during the selection process.

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