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The Red Zone

The RED ZONE - Selecting Outside Firms

By Allan Colman, Managing Director, the Closers Group:

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CLIENT CO-MARKETING CONT'D. -Following up on our last blog, what else will in house counsel apreciate your asking? There are many more subtle tools at your disposal which will contribute to relationship building. Simple things, such as asking to come to a meeting 10 minutes early for a cup of coffee and to find out how the client's daughter's soccer match went.

Another option is to give your client an opportunity to critique your work without the formality of a Client Service interview. "Now that we've been on board for a year, can you tell me why you switched to our firm?" And then remind the client often how quickly you did respond to correcting a problem. The client wants to trust you and opening a more frequent dialogue will contribute to building a trusting relationship. We'll continue this discussion next time.


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