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The Red Zone

The RED ZONE - Selecting Outside Firms

By Allan Colman, Managing Director, the Closers Group:

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CLIENT CO-MARKETING CONCLUDED - Corporte clients also want their staff to be treated professionally by all of your firm members. There's nothing better than hearing "My attorneys really ajppreciate the professionalism of your legal assistants each time they call to set a meeting." Note,you didn't even need to "ask" because you have been emphasizing to each member of your team that they, too, are responsible for marketing, relationship building and retention.

What else will inside counsel apreciate your asking? For example, if your practice group is contemplating a restructuring, ask for your client's thoughts. It might actually help them "keep ahead of the sheriff" in their own thinking.

And if they are a step ahead of the sheriff, you'll be there with them.



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