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The Red Zone


By Allan Colman, CEO, the Closers Group:

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WHAT WORKS IN THE RED ZONE? This article begins a new series on what in-house counsel say helps their outside counsel begin, improve and maintain relationships.

1. Make major efforts to communicate at the beginning of an engagement. All too often, once an engagement is awarded, GC's find the lawyer who shows up appears to be a very different person from the one in the presentation. And periodically double check what you promised in the proposal stage is what you and your team are delivering.

2. One of the best sources of business development success is to respond to client complaints asap. And once the problem is fixed, check in with your client to make sure there are no other issues brewing. This is a subtle way to remind the client how quickly and satisfactorily you solved the last one and that you want to remain on top of his/her "list."

3. Another extremely valuable service you can provide for your clients is to introduce them to other GC clients. This gives them an opportunity to share stories, problems and solutions - and you will be remembered for bringing them together.

Next time we'll discuss helping your clients generate business; yes, that's right, generate business for your clients.

Allan Colman, the Closers Group:


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