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By Allan Colman, CEO, the Closers Group:

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INVISIBLE MARKETING II. Last column we startged discussing "permission marketing" by recognizing opportunities given to you by clients and prospects for future client generation. This time we will add two more business development openings.

"WHAT'S NEW?", when asked by a past contact or by a good client, opens the way to talk about: * A recent firm success * An highly regarded article written by a colleague * Or asking if they have heard about a new piece of legislation?

The response should not be "the work keeps piling on," or "same old same old." You can't believe how many times I've heard these two. Use the question to subtly market. And for those of you who want to respond to the question by stating that your daughter recently won a gymnastics championship, do both. But do take advantage of this invisible opportunity to market the law firm.

"WHAT DO CLIENTS REALLY WANT?" is the one key question to constantly ask yourself and your partners, when determining what to put into a proposal, how to organize a casual dinner conversayion or building on client retention. Another way to phrase it is "Why should I hire your firm?"

Talk about strategies employed, case examples that worked, unique contributions to engagements. A recent BTI Consulting Group survey indicated that:

* They do not want to know how many offices you have. * They do not want to know where you went to law school. * They do want you to know about them.


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