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Who writes for Law Journal Newsletters? The best of the best.

Each of our 24 newsletters has a Board of Editors, culled from the top law firms across the country. It might be a cliché, but these people have their fingers on the pulse of their individual practice areas — they are often the ones who plead a key case in the courts (from the Supreme Court on down) — and analyze the impact of the verdict in our pages.

We also have Board Certified psychologists writing about issues as varied as child custody and mentally ill parents; the value of expert witnesses (a highly debated topic); and other topics critical to family law.

When it comes to the hot issues of e-discovery and e-commerce, we call on IT experts: key attorneys whose firms are in the forefront of emerging technologies; and consultants who show law firms how to update their systems and processes.

We regularly call on physician/attorneys (yes, they exist) and experts in the bioethical arena to comment on the ethics of various med mal issues, from privacy to hospital liability to analyses on key verdicts.

And last but not least, we have a cadre of skilled freelancers who collect information from every area of the law. Case in point: Take a look at the interview with Steven Toporoff, franchise program coordinator, Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”), in the March Issue of LJN’s Franchising Business & Law Alert; and the interview with Keith C. Hauprich, Vice President, Business & Legal Affairs for Cherry Lane Music Publishing Company, Inc., who discusses music-publishing concerns in the viral-video age in the February 2007 issue of Entertainment Law & Finance.

Since we exist to inform YOU, experts in all practice areas of the law, we expect our authors to conform to our picky standards. And they are VERY picky. If you would like to contribute an article, contact me at


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