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We here at Law Journal Newsletters pride ourselves on providing the best-possible, most useful content for our readers. We do this by keeping in constant contact with our Boards of Editors, almost all of whom are attorneys who are experts in their various fields. We talk to readers who call and e-mail. We devour other legal publications (since ALM is our parent company, we have access to the best legal dailies and magazines in the business).

And yet, we rarely hear from YOU, our readers and subscribers.

Every now and then, we send out a Reader Survey and ask you what you want us to cover, what you want to read in our pages, what you find helpfulóand not helpful. Only a handful of you respond. Given my own tendency to delete or throw away such surveys, Iím not surprised. We are all too busy, all buried under a single dayís deadlines, not to mention the ones for tomorrow, next week, next month. Attending a childís Little League game or school play becomes a challenge worthy of a congressional hearing. So who wants to fill out a survey? I get itóthe problem is, we havenít GOT it.

So consider this Blog an open invitation from Law Journal Newsletters to you. Letís start a dialog. We really DO want to know if you donít like something in one of our newsletters. We really DO want to know what you want more of, or less of, in our pages. We want to know if we are missing something. We want to know if we are overdoing something. Should we cover more or less pharmaceutical news in Medical Malpractice Law & Strategy? Do we have too much or too little Valuation information in The Matrimonial Strategist? Is Internet Law & Strategy filling your needs, or should we get more technical? Should there be more charts in Accounting and Financial Planning for Law firms, or less?

Are we helping you keep your eye on all the trends in your practice areas? Thatís what we are here to do, and despite the fact that we have renowned experts writing and serving on our Boards, that does not mean we have provided everything you need, something we can only judge if we hear from you.

So we invited your comments. Write early and often. We promise an answer, and we promise to listen. Donít be a stranger! E-mail:


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