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Wendy Ampolsk


By Wendy Ampolsk

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2007 was a busy and productive year at Law Journal Newsletters. Like every other business, we did a little trimming, we did a little fixing, we did a little tweaking to the bottom line. But we also added new, talented attorneys to our various Boards of Editors (joining the incredible talent that already serves on our Boards). We listened to them and to the world of law in general, and followed what we learned with hard-hitting articles in the areas of marketing, patent, family law (a huge change in that area into collaborative law), medical malpractice, e-commerce, and so many, many more.

As you know, our 22 newsletters cover just about every practice area short of criminal law. And we are constantly learning, searching, reading, discussing, reporting, and researching to make sure we stay on the forefront of each area, whether it's Insurance, Accounting, IP, or Internet. That having been said, we now turn to you.

2008 is YOUR YEAR. We often receive e-mails from attorneys interested in debating a point of law, or interested in presenting another point of view. Well, why not online?

You want your blog on our site? Contact us. We'll discuss and maybe it can happen.

You want an article rebutting something we have published? By all means, contact us and we can work with you to put it online, long before another issue sees print.

You want to take issue with a point of law and just blow off steam? This is the place.

You want us to add something we haven't thought of to this site? We're all ears.

This is YOUR web site for YOUR practice. It doesn't belong to us, it belongs to YOU. Let's make 2008 the Year of Becoming Interactive. Let's make you the star(s).

To comment, blow off steam, praise, disagree, or whatever else is on your mind that affects your practice, send an e-mail to me at, OR to our Web Editor, Steve Salkin, at We're here to listen to you, that's what it's all about.

Happy New Year!


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