• Entertainment Law & Finance

    Bit Parts

    Stan Soocher

    Jerry Lee Lewis Gets Extended Discovery Time in Management Litigation Against His Daughter
    Three-Year Statute of Limitations Argument Doesn’t Bar Claims to Copyright Renewal Terms
    Ticketmaster Prevails With “Striking Compatibility” Claim in Copyright Suit Over Ticket Bots

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  • The Corporate Counselor

    Chancery Approves Incorporation of Reference Condition in Section 220 Litigation

    Brett M. McCartney

    Books and records actions are heralded as the "tools at hand" for litigators pursuing shareholder claims against a corporation. In fact, the Delaware Court of Chancery has been critical of litigants who failed to take advantage of a shareholder's right to request the books and records of a corporation prior to commencing litigation against the corporation.

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  • Product Liability Law & Strategy

    New Sources of Discoverable Evidence

    Michael Ciaramitaro

    Part One of a Two-Part Article

    Personal assistants, fitness trackers, and automotive black boxes are among the devices whose data and metadata may have big impact in legal cases. Here's why.

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  • The Matrimonial Strategist

    New York’s Judicial Straight-Jacket

    David A. Martindale

    At a 2015 conference jointly sponsored by the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) and the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), I listened with much interest as attorneys and judges from areas other than New York expressed disbelief, disapproval and dismay regarding New York’s extraordinarily atypical positions regarding the copying and electronic transmission of documents, and the limitations on discovery in litigation focused on issues of access to and custody of children.

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