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December 2014

New Trends for Managing Privilege In e-Discovery

By Ali Waheed

As any corporation or law firm will attest, the cost of litigation continues to rise and with it the need to identify efficient solutions while maintaining transparency and defensibility. Document review, specifically, has long burdened litigation budgets; however, recent trends in the acceptance of technology integration and more advanced managed review workflows is taking root in the legal landscape. Read More...

The Case Against Native Application Review of e-Mail

By Helen Geib

Cost conscious lawyers and clients sometimes choose to conduct pre-production review of client e-mail in a native e-mail application. Their goal is to cut e-discovery costs by avoiding the data processing and data hosting fees associated with using a dedicated EDD database review tool. Unfortunately, native application review brings with it risks of spoliation and malware infection. Read More...

The Paper-to-Digital Law Firm

By Steve Irons

Even though the costs and inefficiencies of paper records are an obvious strain on the law firm business model, law firms struggle with less-paper initiatives for one key reason: according to ILTA members informally surveyed in over 20 cities domestically, about half of today's attorneys would still prefer to work with paper, even if the entire file is digitally available from the DMS. Read More...

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Internet 2.0: Jurisdictional Risks in Today’s Cyber World

With the explosion of the Internet in the last several decades, courts have struggled with whether tortious conduct on a website is expressly aimed at any, or all, of the forums in which the website can be viewed. Two recent Ninth Circuit cases expanded the reach of Internet jurisdiction and may carry significant implications.