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April 2014

SharePoint e-Discovery

By Patrick Burke and John Patzakis

Finding and collecting data from Microsoft's SharePoint is a challenge even for the most sophisticated e-discovery practitioners. And the challenge grows daily as organizations expand their use of SharePoint at an accelerating rate, pouring more and more key data into these siloed sites. Read More...

Judgmental v. Random Sampling

By Dr. David Grossman, Ph.D.

This year I thought it would be interesting to do some testing on TREC data to determine the best way to start a computer-assisted review project. Read More...

Future Proofing Your Law Firm

By Eric Hunter

More than ever, "Future Proofing the Law Firm" is something that is moving in tandem with the predictive nature of our times. In other words, predictive analytics, Big Data and social search are reshaping our consumer behavioral interfaces as well as forward client side corporate integration strategy. Read More...

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Biosig Instruments, Inc. v. Nautilus, Inc.

In Biosig Instruments, Inc. v. Nautilus, Inc., the Federal Circuit held that the functional claim language of "spaced relationship" was definite in view of the inherent parameters of the claimed apparatus, notwithstanding the lack of any specific quantification of exactly how wide the spacing should be.


Internet 2.0: Jurisdictional Risks in Today’s Cyber World

With the explosion of the Internet in the last several decades, courts have struggled with whether tortious conduct on a website is expressly aimed at any, or all, of the forums in which the website can be viewed. Two recent Ninth Circuit cases expanded the reach of Internet jurisdiction and may carry significant implications.