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July 2014

Redaction: What You Need to Know

By Sue Hughes

While the term redaction is well known in the legal community and government agencies, the term itself is new to those not in the fields mentioned above. Because of improper redaction making its way into the headlines, more and more people are seeing the term. Read More...

Mobile Devices and Applications that Matter to Attorneys

By David Carns

Since the introduction of the Blackberry in the late '90s, mobile computing has been making communication easier for attorneys and their clients. While initial technologies were limited in their capabilities, much has changed in the past 15 years and today's mobile technologies have become a no-compromise solution for attorneys on the go. Read More...

Leveraging UnitedLex and Questio for a Challenging e-Discovery Case

By Mark E. McGrath

It's no secret that both the time and money spent on e-discovery is skyrocketing. Fifteen years ago, discovery almost exclusively involved the collection and review of paper documents and was, in comparison to today's costs, relatively cheap. Today, the amount of data that the world generates is estimated to be doubling each year, and with that comes increasing opportunities for human error or technical glitches that could have a dramatic impact on case outcomes. Read More...

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Internet 2.0: Jurisdictional Risks in Today’s Cyber World

With the explosion of the Internet in the last several decades, courts have struggled with whether tortious conduct on a website is expressly aimed at any, or all, of the forums in which the website can be viewed. Two recent Ninth Circuit cases expanded the reach of Internet jurisdiction and may carry significant implications.


Lawyers or Technicians: Who Make Better e-Discovery Project Managers?

The demand for e-discovery project managers is extreme, thus the bulk of career opportunities for e-discovery professionals are in project management. But not every e-discovery project manager has the same background or is even the same type of project manager.