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April 2015

Best Practices for Law Firms to Meet Cybersecurity Requirements of Inside Counsel

By Jason Straight

Whether or not your clients have suffered a data breach, cybersecurity is undoubtedly a critical concern. Many of your clients are actively searching for and plugging any gaps in their security. And if your clients haven't done so already, they're also going to focus their attention on what could potentially be an Achilles Heel for them their law firms. Read More...

Using Building Blocks to Jumpstart Your Documents In Word 2013

By Jeffrey Roach

Microsoft Word 2013 has some fantastic tools that will allow you to speed up document production and remove some of the manual labor around creating documents by using pre-formatted blocks of text. One of the features that makes all of this magic possible is called Building Blocks, and they are pretty terrific. Read More...

Federal Judges Survey Says …

By Bob Rohlf

Twenty years ago, few lawyers would have thought the notion of legal competency would come to include understanding and advising on technical issues surrounding the discovery of electronic information. In today's digital age, however, lawyers must be both legally and technically savvy to competently represent their clients. Read More...

Process Is the Key To Success When Applying Legal Technology To Discovery

By Benjamin Beck and Tobin Dietrich

The litigation industry is awash with technology. According to consulting firm Gartner, law firms, corporations and service providers spent almost $2 billion in 2014 buying or licensing e-discovery software, almost none of which existed just 10 years ago. Why? The primary driver has been the explosion in the amount and variety of discoverable data in the world. Read More...

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