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November 2015

Dispositive Questions Every Law Firm Should Ask of the Cloud

By Mike L. Chase

Cloud service providers (CSPs) offer myriad choices to law firms of all sizes who, in return, have become one of the fastest adopters of hosted cloud infrastructure worldwide. Nonetheless, asking the right questions is essential to learning cloud limitations, similarities, differentiators, caveats and benefits. From niche providers to the top five, not everything is as it seems when it comes to what is offered, how it's offered, and the up-front and hidden costs of each. Read More...

Field-Based Intelligence

By David Deppe

Has acceptance of technology-assisted review (TAR) finally turned a corner and earned broad acceptance in the legal community? Some recent comments by the influential and technology-savvy Magistrate Judge Andrew Peck would seem to indicate that TAR has moved beyond the controversial stage and entered into the mainstream of e-discovery practice. Read More...

Four Keys to Litigation Technology Innovation in the Next Five Years

By Steven Ashbacher

Electronic discovery is a complex business that requires continuous professional learning from litigation team members and ongoing innovation from technology solution providers. To help stimulate discussion and drive innovation, The Legal Innovation 2020 Working Group was formed at the beginning of 2015 in order to help legal-industry leaders identify the keys to success over the next five years. Read More...

Four Essential iPad Deposition Apps

By John Edwards

While iOS devices have inspired the development of dozens of trial-related apps, the fact remains that many cases are essentially won and lost in deposition. Although deposition-oriented apps remain far scarcer than trial offerings, mobile attorneys toting iPads can turn to several useful apps to help them handle various deposition-related tasks easily and flexibly from almost anywhere. Read More...

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