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March 2015

e-Discovery Unfiltered

By Ari Kaplan

Between Jan. 6-22, 2015, Ari Kaplan Advisors interviewed 29 professionals responsible for e-discovery decision-making. We asked them for their perspectives on key vendor management trends, and for their candid impressions of the following 15 companies: Read More...

Lawyer, Code Thyself

By Dan Lear

Chances are you don't need to be convinced of the merits of learning to program or, in the parlance of today's startup culture, learning "to code." You already understand not only the professional opportunities it opens but also how it empowers you to solve your own problems. As software disrupts industry after industry, the winners will be either those writing the code or those who understand enough about coding to organize others to do it. Read More...

Technology for Meaningful Legal Collaboration

By Catherine McPherson

Current discussions of electronic discovery and legal technology often focus on strategies for managing large volumes of data as it is funneled through different phases of the EDRM. Yet an important part of the discovery process case analysis and legal strategy has been a niche left unaddressed by traditional technologies. Read More...

Time Tracker by eBillity

By Josh F. Young

For more than a decade we tracked our lawyers' time and generated bills using various iterations of Sage Timeslips, which ran on a backend server tucked away in our office. But over the last several years, we noticed Timeslips began to slow down. It reached the point that time tracking and billing, an unpleasant and time-consuming distraction at the best of times, became far more painful than it needed to be. Read More...

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Trademark Licensees May Be Able to Have Their (Cup)Cake and Eat It, Too

Following a recent line of high-profile and notable decisions that have sought to protect the rights of trademark licensees in a trademark licensor's bankruptcy, the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Jersey has issued a significant decision that, for the first time, extends the protections of Section 365(n) of the Bankruptcy Code, 11 U.S.C. § 365(n), to trademark licensees on equitable grounds.


Workplace Bullying Laws and Litigation

While no state, or the federal government, has adopted laws explicitly outlawing bullying in the private sector, employers are well advised to proactively take steps to prevent workplace bullying.