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May 2016

Cloud Computing Security: More Opportunity, Less Threat

By David Hansen

If you follow the legal technology headlines you might have noticed that we've come full circle on cloud security. Rewind seven or so years, and mainstream cloud computing adoption was being thwarted by grave concerns about data security, data governance and data access. As the cloud became more pervasive in many industries globally, the legal market took note and slowly but surely more law firms went to the cloud. Read More...

Closing the Expectation Gap With e-Discovery Technology

By Jim Gill

Chief Justice John Roberts recently said that the new amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure should "achieve the goal of Rule 1 'the just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of every action and proceeding' only if the entire legal community, including the bench, bar, and legal academy, step up to the challenge of making real change." Read More...

Law Firms Grapple With Cybersecurity Issues and Regulatory Risks

By Joe Kelly

Security is always a concern for law firms, and the risks have only grown in recent years. Increasingly, attorneys, staff and clients have become more mobile and rely on an array of laptops, smartphones and tablets to stay connected 24/7. As more data is created and resides in more places, it becomes more vulnerable. Read More...

Law School, Disrupted

By Dan Lear

The last few years have been rough for legal education. But shoots of innovative, provocative life can be seen at a few law schools. And these changes hint a broader change coming for all in legal education. Read More...


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