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  • Employment Law Strategist

    DOL Issues Final Regulations on Disability Benefits Claims Procedures

    By Jennifer S. Kiesewetter

    On Dec. 16, 2016, the DOL published final regulations on disability benefits claims procedures for any group plans governed by ERISA that provide for disability benefits (the "Final Rule"). This Final Rule applies to any disability claims filed on or after Jan. 1, 2018, and will apply not only to health and welfare plans that provide for disability benefits, but also any qualified retirement plans that may offer disability benefits.

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  • Business Crimes Bulletin

    The Arrival of Justice Gorsuch May Bring Opportunity to Reform the Collective Entity Doctrine

    By Preston Burton, Bree Murphy and Leslie Meredith

    Recognizing a Fifth Amendment privilege for corporations — whether through wholesale abolition of the collective entity doctrine or by recognizing some limited exception for custodians of smaller corporations — would not foreclose meaningful white-collar prosecutions, but it would restore protection of the Fifth Amendment rights of individuals who are sacrificed under the current bright-line rule. Will Justice Gorsuch help in this endeavor?

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  • Product Liability Law & Strategy

    Defamation and the Disgruntled Defendant

    By Janice G. Inman

    Anti-SLAPP Legislation and the Defamation Claim Part Two of a Two-Part Article In last month's newsletter, we began discussion of a defamation claim brought against two attorneys who took to the airwaves to publicize their client's complaints against a hospital and its owner. The defendants in that matter sought redress for what they claimed were untrue, and very unflattering, statements, but the attorneys moved for dismissal of the claims. We continue here with the court's reasons for granting the attorneys' motion.

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  • Accounting and Financial Planning for Law Firms

    Enhancing Lateral Partner Opportunities and Compensation

    By Randi Lewis

    You are a partner in a law firm and you have decided to make a lateral move. You want it to be the right move to a better platform. Where do you start and how do you maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome? The more you are prepared to answer and ask questions, the greater the likelihood this next move will be an optimal one for you and the firm you are joining.

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