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  • “Don’t Do Stupid”

    By J. Mark Santiago

    6 Common Law Firm Accounting Practices That Need to Be Re-evaluated There are a number of tried and true practices in law firms that need more thinking. Not because law firm managers are stupid; it’s just that some practices need to be periodically re-evaluated and adjusted to reflect the changing times.

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  • Carrot Replaces Stick: Corporate Crime Enforcement In the Trump Administration

    By Joseph F. Savage, Jr. and Marielle Sanchez

    Elections have consequences, and the election of President Trump has resulted in a significant shift in law enforcement priorities. Corporate enforcement activity is at lows not seen in decades, despite an overall increase in federal criminal cases. This is a product of a change in priorities, both in terms of types of offenses and types of offender. So, for the time being, there will be almost unprecedented opportunity to achieve favorable resolutions for corporate clients.

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  • Hey! That’s My Move!

    By Erin Hennessy, Annie Allison and Logan Kotler

    Copyright, Fortnite and the Ability to Protect How You Shake Your Groove Thing The U.S. Supreme Court just crashed the copyright world’s latest dance party — stepping on the toes of a soiree of copyright infringement lawsuits against videogame developer Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite.

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  • Negotiating Relocation Rights

    By Terrence M. Dunn

    Despite the apparent risks, relocation provisions are frequently not a potential tenant’s priority concern when negotiating the business points of a lease. This is a serious oversight. Signing a lease with an overly broad relocation provision can lead to many issues if the landlord elects to exercise its right to relocate the tenant.

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  • Podcast: Cognitive Security

    By Jason Thomas

    We live in information environment that is unique to this point in time (social media, information overload). How do we know what’s true and what’s not?

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