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  • Marketing the Law Firm

    Don't Be United in Facing Your Next Crisis

    By Carlos Arcos

    Even if you follow the law and all the internal protocols your firm has in place, you may still find that clients and the public view your actions negatively. In situations where you believe you are in the right, the instinct is not to apologize. Here is how to correctly handle a high-profile PR crisis.

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  • The Corporate Counselor

    Cross-Border Litigation

    By Lewis F. Murphy

    The Devil in the Details Globalization has created new challenges for companies threatened by, or embroiled in, cross-border litigation. Assets and evidence, in the form of witnesses and documents, may be spread across multiple countries and legal systems. Judicial attitudes and procedures in these systems can vary as much as national political relations.

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  • Business Crimes Bulletin

    Corporate FCPA Enforcement in the Era of Trump

    By Robert J. Anello and Peter Janowski

    Same Old, Same Old Part One of a Two-Part Article Based on President Trump's remarks as a candidate, one might anticipate a marked drop-off in FCPA enforcement. Other evidence, however, convincingly suggests the trend of increased international cooperation and direction of enforcement resources in the FCPA arena is likely to continue.

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  • Accounting and Financial Planning for Law Firms

    Financing and Leasing Technology Is a Strategic Advantage

    By Scott McFetters

    Advances in technology and software are being made at an increasingly rapid pace. As a result, IT hardware obsolescence cycles are shrinking too. This period of exponential improvement with which we are all now familiar has shown time and again that there will continue to be breakthroughs in technology that deliver better, less expensive, and/or more robust products. How are you equipping your firm to succeed both in the present day and into the future?

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