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Law Journal Newsletters, a division of ALM, publishes 21 best-selling newsletters aimed at the diverse needs of attorneys in every field of endeavor, including medical malpractice law, Internet law, legal technology law, employment law, commercial law, insurance law, bankruptcy law, product liability law, real estate law, corporate law, entertainment law, accounting for law firms, law firm marketing — and more.

Located in Philadelphia, this division draws on decades of experience in publishing and the law.

Edited by lawyers, for lawyers, each newsletter features articles written by the top experts in their respective fields. A professional staff of attorneys and seasoned editors makes sure that the latest cases, precedents and rulings are analyzed and presented to our readers in a timely and easy-to-read manner.

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LJN Staff
Publisher: Larry Selby
Editorial Director: Wendy Ampolsk
Web Editor/Managing Editor: Steven Salkin, Esq.
Marketing Manager: Jeannine Kennedy

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ALM is the leading provider of specialized business news and information, focused primarily on the legal and commercial real estate sectors. ALM's award-winning publications, events and digital properties anticipate and address the needs of our elite audience, delivering information and tools that allow them to succeed in today’s rapidly changing and demanding business environment. ALM will continue to produce and distribute trusted and timely news, data, analysis and insights in an engaging and personalized manner on integrated platforms.

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