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  • Linking Content into the Client Journey: Why Content Experience Matters

    By Jennifer S. Bankston

    One of the most effective components of legal marketing is thought leadership content. With today’s available palette of media tools, law firms are able to design, build and customize the content that their client’s experience like never before. Ensuring that this “content experience” is profound and impactful is a necessary and critical endeavor.

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  • Move Quickly: Supreme Court Holds that Bankruptcy Court’s Denial of Motion for Relief from the Automatic Stay Is a Final Appealable Order

    By Louis F. Solimine, James J. Henderson and Andrew L. Turscak, Jr.

    In a recent, unanimous opinion authored by Justice Ginsburg, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed lower court decisions holding that a bankruptcy court order denying a motion for relief from the automatic stay constitutes a final order that must be appealed within the time provided under Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 8002.

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  • Linking Partner Pay to Strategic Firm Objectives

    By J. Mark Santiago

    Pay for performance is not a new concept in this country. The ideas and concepts underlying a graduated pay scale based on contribution and merit are deeply ingrained in our society. However, in general law firms have been slower to adopt pay for performance systems. What law firms need now, and this article describes, is an approach to partner compensation that closely links a partners pay to their ability to contribute to the achievement of the firm’s strategic objectives.

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  • U.S. Supreme Court Reaffirms the American Rule In De Novo Challenges to the PTO

    By Jonathan Moskin

    In 2013, the PTO adopted a new policy under which any party commencing a de novo proceeding challenging a PTO decision would be responsible to pay a pro rata share of the salaries of the government attorneys working on the matter. On Dec. 11, 2019, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the PTO’s new interpretation of the Patent Act and held that the American Rule, a centuries-old principle under which each party bears its own attorneys’ fees, does apply to this statute.

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  • Podcast: Cognitive Security

    By Jason Thomas

    We live in information environment that is unique to this point in time (social media, information overload). How do we know what’s true and what’s not?

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