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  • Accounting for the Coronavirus

    John Drum and Melissa Rutzen

    This article examines challenges facing accountants due to economic and financial stress increasing at the same time that oversight may be relaxing, provides insight into the question of whether we should expect a rise in accounting manipulations, and concludes with comments on mitigating hindsight bias.

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  • Lessons from the Insider Trading Prohibition Act After Its Likely Demise In the Senate

    Telemachus P. Kasulis

    For a moment there, it really looked like it was going to happen. After a long and winding road, insider trading reform had reached the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote. The Insider Trading Prohibition Act (ITPA) had support on both sides of the aisle and on Dec. 5, 2019, the House voted to pass the ITPA. Then the bill went to the Senate and vanished. We should take this opportunity to learn what lessons we can from the successes and failures of the ITPA as a bill with an eye toward fashioning the best possible legislation next time — whenever that may be.

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  • Legal Office of the Future — Reimagined

    Bella Schiro and Misun Yoon

    Many in the legal economy may be asking themselves whether they need office space at all now that everyone has been forcibly migrated to cyberspace. But having experienced work from home for several months, there is a newfound appreciation for the office workplace. But what will the office look like when we return to it?

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  • The Critical Role of Law Firm PR During the COVID-19 Crisis

    Randy Lauzinski

    PR is earned and sustainable, especially during a crisis. That’s why PR is positioned to step up, take a leadership position and have the greatest impact on company reputation during tumultuous times. The focus and approach necessarily changes during a crisis, but the work should go on.

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  • Podcast: Cognitive Security

    Jason Thomas

    We live in information environment that is unique to this point in time (social media, information overload). How do we know what’s true and what’s not?

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