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  • Deciphering the USPTO’s Material Alteration Standard for Amending Marks

    Chris Bussert

    As brands mature over time, their owners often seek to update marks that are subject to a federal registration or registration application. In some cases, the impetus for the amendment may be deliberately to freshen, tweak, or otherwise modernize the subject mark. In other cases, brand owners may recognize after the fact that their current usage of a mark does not match the mark as originally registered or applied for.

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  • Communicating During the COVID-19 Crisis

    John J. Buchanan

    The COVID-19 pandemic has likely changed how law firms operate from now on, and it has affected all areas, from client service and IT to business development and attorney recruiting and advancement. One area that has been especially hit hard is the communications function.

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  • Density and Dimensional Bonuses Allowed for Mixed-Used Properties Under the Philadelphia Zoning Code

    Alan Nochumson and Clementa Amazan

    Part One in a Series

    Over the years, the city government has amended the Philadelphia Zoning Code to include incentives to increase the amount of housing units as well as the size of such building structures. Over the course of several articles, we will be discussing the “zoning” bonuses a property owner can take advantage of when developing a property within city limits. This part delves into the Mixed Income Housing Bonus, Green Roof Bonus, and the Fresh Food Market Bonus.

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  • COVID-19: Economic Stimulus and SBA Loans

    Jacob Weichholz, Daniel Mayo and Chris DeMayo

    A summary of information on the various Small Business Association (SBA) loans that are available under the new federal economic stimulus package. Continually updated; last update October 9.

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