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  • No ‘Fishing’ In Trump Tax Return Case

    Steven A. Cash

    “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” Judge Victor Marrero, writing in a decision dismissing the President’s civil suit under the Civil Rights Act, neither gives a fish, nor teaches how to fish — rather he explains what fishing is.

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  • Transitioning to Remote, Electronic Signing for Transactions

    Will Norton

    The recent move to more remote work environments has prompted many to take a second look at not only eSignature solutions but also remote online notarization (RON). In order to support transactional practice groups in making the transition to electronic signing and closings, one must understand the challenges and opportunities of these technologies.

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  • To Embed, or Not to Embed, that is the Question

    Shaleen J. Patel and Mike Hobbs

    Would Shakespeare Post Hamlet on Instagram in 2020?

    Recent legal and procedural developments associated with the ubiquitous Instagram social media site have created significant practical and legal risks for both copyright owners and account holders.

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  • COVID-19: Economic Stimulus and SBA Loans

    Jacob Weichholz, Daniel Mayo and Chris DeMayo

    A summary of information on the various Small Business Association (SBA) loans that are available under the new federal economic stimulus package. Continually updated; last update November 2.

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