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  • The Adoption of Legal Analytics

    Karl Harris

    The legal profession continues to embrace legal analytics and its advantages in increasing numbers every year. Now, the more interesting questions pertain to how legal professionals use legal analytics and what the likely path is for legal analytics in the future.

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  • Why Law Firms Need to Know About the ‘Excess Share of Voice’ Rule

    Michelle Calcote King

    Every time a brand is mentioned in the media, authors an article, posts on social media or runs a series of ads, a conversation is happening. The conversation is amplified when the audience engages by sharing the article, commenting on the social media post or clicking on the ads. All of this activity results in a certain share of voice.

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  • Say What? Are PTAB Judges Really ‘Inferior Officers’?

    Ben Clark

    United States v. Arthrex, Inc.

    Proving that even the driest of constitutional issues can have significant practical effect, the U.S. Supreme Court recently heard argument in United States v. Arthrex. Before the Court was whether administrative judges of the PTAB have been appointed unconstitutionally.

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  • COVID-19: Economic Stimulus and SBA Loans

    Jacob Weichholz, Daniel Mayo and Chris DeMayo

    A summary of information on the various Small Business Association (SBA) loans that are available under the new federal economic stimulus package. Continually updated; last update March 12, 2021 with highlights of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) signed by President Biden on March 11.

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