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  • Legal Sales Strategies

    Eric Dewey

    The “best choice” provider pitch may not be the optimal sales strategy. It's better to adjust to where the prospect is in their buying decision process — whether that means they are looking for providers, they are studying the situation, they already have counsel, or they have decided not to address the issue.

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  • Avoid Making Tech Decisions In Crisis Mode

    Tomas Suros

    Some law firms are realizing that the hasty, though necessary, decisions made to facilitate remote work should be revisited or undone. Many of the tools implemented in an emergency are insufficient to withstand the increasing cybersecurity threats law firms are facing today. The good news, though, is that it’s not too late to implement the right tech to protect your firm.

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  • Federal Judge Takes Aim at Legal Process for Targeting Counterfeit Merchandisers

    Stan Soocher

    The rebound in concert tours and ticket revenues as 2022 has unfolded gives the live events industry hope for a strong 2023, too. For many tours, though, it’s income from merchandise that makes the tour profitable. Thus, the rise in the number of artists touring also means a parallel resurgence in the activities of counterfeit-merchandise sellers and renewed efforts by the industry to battle its long-time problem with the sale of counterfeit merchandise near event venues.

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