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Joel Wirchin

As organizations strive for growth into the future, outsourcing helps to find the balance between risk and opportunity, between cost and access to new skills and capabilities, curating innovation, and incorporating new remote working norms.

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  • New U.S.-China Investment Dynamic Focuses On AI and Sensitive Technologies

    David A. Holley

    An Executive Order released by the Biden Administration on Aug. 9 places increased importance on due diligence when investing in specific foreign countries. The Executive Order will regulate outbound investments in China with a focus on key technologies critical to safeguarding U.S. national security, including artificial intelligence.

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  • Force Majeure Clauses Are Taking Center Stage In Uncertain Times

    Michelle Davis

    Force majeure is lurking in the shadows of the Hollywood strikes, offering struggling studios a potential lifeline out of debt. But the best attorneys and the strongest contracts are proactive, rather than reactive. Thus, consider the following drafting tips to strengthen your force majeure language now, in the calm before the next storm.

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  • It’s a Tenant’s Market: How to Negotiate and Navigate the Leasing Process

    Sandra D. Buchko

    A hybrid workforce has meant that office and retail space is in plentiful supply. These high vacancy rates have caused landlord defaults to be on the rise, making it a tenant-friendly environment for leasing space and obtaining tenant-favorable lease terms. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to negotiate the best lease terms and navigate the leasing process while saving money on rent, tenant buildout and operating expenses.

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  • The Power, Perils and Pitfalls of Lookalikes

    Steven James and Hattie Chessher

    In April 2021, a food fight broke out between two of the UK’s largest supermarkets. Marks and Spencer launched legal action against Aldi over the latter’s alleged copy of its signature “Colin the Caterpillar” cake. This article takes a look at the issues surrounding lookalikes, what the English courts have said about them and what can be done by brand owners to protect against the risks they present.

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