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  • Recent Court Rulings on ‘Embedding’ Foreshadow Split In Circuits

    Tamerlin Godley and Kiaura Clark

    When and how can someone else’s visual content be displayed on a website without the website operator running afoul of copyright law? When and how can someone else display the website operator’s visual content? A recent ruling on a popular practice at the center of these issues for entertainment and media companies may upend the current paradigm.

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  • How Law Firms Can Gain a Competitive Advantage with Financial Intelligence

    Ari Kaplan

    Results of the new "Implementing Financial Intelligence to Give Law Firms a Competitive Advantage in 2022 and Beyond" report revealed a striking shift in the role of law firm finance leaders, both in their value and impact. Many are using data to drive change in their organizations, amplifying the power of profitability, and leveraging their skill to fuel innovation.

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  • Update On Bankruptcy Appellate Practice: Part One — Appellate Standing

    Michael L. Cook

    Recent cases show that appellate courts continue to wrestle with standing, jurisdiction, mootness, excusable neglect and finality, among other things. The following overview, in a series of installments, shows what the courts have been addressing during just the past three years. This first installment will cover appellate standing.

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