• Landlord & Tenant Law

    December 01, 2022 |

    Landlord's Re-Entry Not Authorized By Lease Provision Plans to Demolish Building Supported Denial of Renewal Lease Guarantor Entitled to Raise Questions of Fact About Entitlement to Rent Abatements

  • RLUIPA Ripeness

    December 01, 2022 |

    In Rabbi Israel Meyer Hacochen Rabbinical Seminary of America v. Town of Putnam Valley, a federal district court in the Southern District of New York dismissed a RLUIPA claim as unripe, borrowing ripeness doctrine from the takings context and declining to apply a "futility exception" to the requirement that a landowner obtain a final decision before proceeding to federal court.

  • Development

    December 01, 2022 |

    Taking Claim Ripe In Light of Town's Failure to Act

  • Real Property Law

    December 01, 2022 |

    Church's Board Approved Sale Questions of Fact About Ouster Precluded Dismissal of Accounting Claim Against Co-Tenant Forgery Allegations Failed to Raise Question of Fact No Private Right of Action to Enforce Food Cart Regulations

  • Conflict Strategies: Three Keys to an (Almost) Drama-Free 2023 for Your Law Firm

    December 01, 2022 |

    Office drama can be a big problem for law firms. Whether it is showing up as office gossip, the partner who is terrible to their associates and staff, two people who just cannot seem to get along, or a revolving door of lawyers or staff, drama can be distracting, hamper productivity, and reduce billable hours.

  • 10 Legal PR Predictions for 2023

    December 01, 2022 |

    As we come into the holiday season, PR professionals will have to adapt and pivot with all the variables to think about ways to satisfy 2023 PR trends and get their client in the spotlight.

  • How Law Firms Can Have Their (Hybrid) Cake and Eat It, Too

    December 01, 2022 |

    Lawyers, especially young lawyers, want to work from home. But there are downsides, such as a decrease in networking and personal relationships. How can technology help balance these out so that attorneys and law firms can have their cake and eat it too.