• In the New Year, Be Sure to Highlight Client Service Skills

    January 01, 2022 |

    Demonstrating client service before the engagement serves attorneys well into the ongoing relationship. This checklist can help professionals discuss important topics with new clients and demonstrates their skills in quality client service.

  • Predicting What 2022 Holds for Cybersecurity

    January 01, 2022 |

    Predictions aside, complacency is not an option if you plan to survive and thrive in 2022. Rest assured, the future of cybersecurity is bright, but it will come with its own set of challenges. We look forward into the future because the sooner we can start adapting strategy, policies, and technologies, the better off everyone will be in the long run.

  • California Appeals Court Rules on Anti-SLAPP Motion In Battle Over Dueling TV Show Proposals

    January 01, 2022 |

    State "anti-SLAPP" statutes offer a fertile avenue for motions to strike allegations in lawsuits filed over expressive content. These laws are aimed at allowing a defendant to file a motion to strike a "Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation," such as those based on public comments and content issued by a defendant. The most-recent significant anti-SLAPP court decision involving the entertainment industry was issued in December 2021 by the California Court of Appeal.

  • How §365(n) Can Help Licensees When Licensors File for Bankruptcy

    January 01, 2022 |

    This article seeks to explain the scope of §365(n), then touches upon steps that intellectual property licensees can take to minimize the loss of the use of their licenses, such as those involving copyrights in entertainment content, in the event a licensor files for bankruptcy.

  • What Does Life Look Like for PR Post-COVID?

    January 01, 2022 |

    There was no shortage of COVID-related PR opportunities having an impact on practice groups across the board, from real estate to bankruptcy to employment and more. This wave started in 2020 and continued well into 2021. Once the pandemic does finally fade from our lives, what will the new normal for legal PR look like?

  • Biometric Privacy: A Year In Review (2021) and The Year Ahead (2022)

    January 01, 2022 |

    The year started with Portland, Oregon's ban on the use of facial recognition technology by private entities in places of "public" accommodation. It concluded with the rendering of important appellate decisions on the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act. In the middle, was the continued flurry of litigation, class action settlements, and legislative activity.

  • COVID-19 and Lease Negotiations: Early Termination Provisions

    January 01, 2022 |

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, some tenants were able to negotiate termination agreements with their landlords. But even though a landlord may agree to terminate a lease to regain control of a defaulting tenant's space without costly and lengthy litigation, typically a defaulting tenant that otherwise has no contractual right to terminate its lease will be in a much weaker bargaining position with respect to the conditions for termination.

  • Update on Bankruptcy Appellate Practice: Part Two — Equitable Mootness

    January 01, 2022 |

    This installment of our appellate practice series reviews recent cases addressing the equitable mootness doctrine. The issue ultimately often turns on whether it is practical and fair for an appellate court to review an appeal on the merits, enabling that court to avoid review altogether.