• How Disney's Motion to Compel Arbitration of Scarlett Johansson's Lawsuit Over 'Day-and-Date' Release of Black Widow Movie Might Have Played Out

    October 01, 2021 |

    Johansson alleges that, in order to generate new subscribers for Disney+, Disney intentionally interfered with her talent agreement with Disney affiliate Marvel Studios for her featured role in Black Widow — and thus allegedly induced Marvel to breach a promise in the Johansson/Marvel agreement for the film to be initially distributed in exclusive "wide theatrical release." Updated Oct. 1 to reflect a confidential settlement reached in the case.

  • Procuring Talent Through 'Acquihire' Agreements

    October 01, 2021 |

    The gold in the gold rush in tech M&A is talent to develop and integrate artificial intelligence technology. Faced with a shortage in skilled employees, buyers are using "acquihires," a discreet M&A strategy that oftentimes flies under the news radar, to bolster AI benches.

  • What Makes Forensic Reports Different?

    October 01, 2021 |

    Why Are Courts Breaking the Rules and What Are the Unintended Consequences? A lesson learned by young lawyers everywhere is that internal, corporate investigations can be, and frequently are, privileged. However, it is difficult to square that concept with the recent spate of federal court opinions that have concluded that cybersecurity forensic reports generally are not privileged.

  • Court's Decision In Epic/Apple Battle Explained

    October 01, 2021 |

    The federal judge who presided over the antitrust showdown between Fortnite developer Epic Games Inc. and Apple Inc. found that Epic failed to prove the tech giant is a monopolist, but ordered Apple to allow certain in-app purchasing communications.

  • Appellate Division Upholds West Side Tower

    October 01, 2021 |

    In a dispute over West Side development, the First Department handed a victory to developers seeking to build a 39-story building on the block between West 65th and West 66th Street, and Columbus Avenue and Central Park West.

  • Selective Reassessment of Only Commercial Properties Violates the Uniformity Clause

    October 01, 2021 |

    The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania recently analyzed whether the City of Philadelphia's selective reassessment in tax year 2018 of only commercial properties at current market value violated the Uniformity Clause and the Assessment Law's requirement that the City assess all properties annually at actual market value.

  • Leading Through Disruption

    October 01, 2021 |

    Some tried and true leadership practices for firms and partners who are focused on retaining and developing top talent in the current context.

  • Real Property Law

    October 01, 2021 |

    Restrictive Covenant Enforceable Despite Permission By Successor Landowner Insufficient Evidence of Street Dedication Inadequate Notice to Mortgagee Voids Tax Sale Court Reinstates Malpractice Claim Against Lawyer Alleged to Have Solicited Transfer of Title of Residence In Foreclosure Notice of Pendency Provides Constructive Notice Servient Owner Not Entitled to Alter Easement Location Adverse Possession Defeats Co-Tenants' Partition Action