• Accounting And Financial Planning For Law Firms

    Prior Salary Can’t Justify Gender Wage Gap

    Erin Mulvaney

    “To Hold Otherwise — to Allow Employers to Capitalize on the Persistence of the Wage Gap and Perpetuate That Gap Ad Infinitum — Would Be Contrary to the Text and History of the Equal Pay Act,” Judge Stephen Reinhardt Wrote for the Majority

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled on April 9 that salary history cannot be used to justify a wage gap between men and women, in a case that employee advocates said highlights a key issue that has institutionalized gender compensation inequities.

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  • The Corporate Counselor

    Employee Claims in Bankruptcy Pose Significant Liability Exposure

    Shane G. Ramsey and David M. Barnes, Jr.

    Lessons Learned From In Re FPMI Solutions Inc.

    When a corporation determines to file for Chapter 11 protection, questions concerning the status of existing labor and employment agreements and viability of employee claims immediately arise. Indeed, there are litanies of potential pitfalls for companies that file for bankruptcy without strictly following the requirements of federal or state employment laws.

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  • Employment Law Strategist

    Overtime Pay Morass: FLSA Overhaul to Take Effect on Dec. 1

    Chaim Levin

    The new DOL regulations that will take effect on Dec. 1, 2016 do not precisely resolve the present overtime eligibility debate; the absence of clarity remains a material issue especially with respect to highly compensated individuals or large groups of employees who are not easily classified.

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