• How to Respond to a Search Warrant

    June 01, 2019 |

    Imagine you are in-house counsel, working on a transactional document, when you receive a breathless call from a manager at one of your warehouses that a search warrant is being executed on the premises. What do you do?

  • The Best Markets for Opportunity Zone Investors

    June 01, 2019 |

    Opportunity zones are the latest big thing to hit the commercial real estate market, but many questions remain, including details of how deals can be structured, the best strategy for investing and just how much property there is in the zones.

  • Case Notes

    June 01, 2019 |

    Expired Lease Terms Don't Automatically Apply
    Landlord Not Liable to Third Party

  • Competitive Intelligence: How Client Intelligent Is Your Firm?

    June 01, 2019 |

    Ready, Set, Benchmark! 

    Underlying great client service is a strong understanding of the client's business and goals. There are many barriers to success when it comes to helping lawyers develop a strategic client mindset. So, how do you break down these barriers to create a Client Intelligent Law Firm?

  • Podcast: Cognitive Security

    June 01, 2019 |

    We live in information environment that is unique to this point in time (social media, information overload). How do we know what's true and what's not?

  • Law Firm Revenue Rose as Demand Dropped in the First Quarter of 2019

    June 01, 2019 |

    The legal industry saw greater revenue growth during the first quarter of 2019 than it did to start the strong year of 2018. However, the drivers of that growth were much different, as the demand growth that characterized 2018 gave way to a demand decline during the first quarter of 2019, and much of the revenue growth came in the form of cash collections from 2018 inventory.

  • Permitted Uses: Flexibility and Adaptability

    June 01, 2019 |

    When negotiating permitted-use clauses under retail leases, landlords attempt to achieve the most comprehensive limitations possible so as to avoid conflicts with other tenants' leases and violations of exclusive-use clauses that are maintained by other tenants in the retail facility. Tenants, however, should be very careful to incorporate a certain degree of flexibility and adaptability into their leases' permitted-use clauses to take into account an evolving landscape.