• How to Keep Mobile Data Safe: The Case for On-Device AI

    August 01, 2019 |

    Bring Your Own Device is one of the biggest compliance-related issues companies face today, and when it comes to security risks, law firms are prime targets. Considering law firms are built on their reputation, firms must make every assurance that the technology they use will protect their data.

  • The State of the U.S. Privacy Job Market, 2019

    August 01, 2019 |

    A Reflection on the Year Behind, the Years Ahead and Why Privacy Means So Much to Us

    Part One of a Two-Part Article

    In just over a year since GDPR Day, privacy by design has made privacy as a profession one of the fastest growing and hottest verticals in and outside of the legal job market.

  • Case Notes

    August 01, 2019 |

    Failure to Read Lease is Not Fatal to Claim

  • Players on the Move

    August 01, 2019 |

    A look at moves among attorneys, law firms, companies and other players in entertainment law.

  • Delaware Supreme Court Theater Ruling Addresses Party's Deposition Demeanor

    August 01, 2019 |

    There are difficult depositions. Unproductive depositions. Ones where people cry or are rude or angry. And then, as the Delaware Supreme Court noted, there's Carole Shorenstein Hays. The 70-year-old Tony award-winning theater producer's behavior during her deposition prompted the Delaware Supreme Court to issue a 20-page addendum blasting her.