• COVID-19: Threats Abound: How to Protect Your Remote Workforce

    April 01, 2020 |

    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the conversation around remote work. As more employees work remotely, law firms must employ security best practices to ensure that the extended reliance on the cloud doesn't expose sensitive data or cripple daily operations. Following is a practical checklist of systems, technologies and processes to consider when evolving your firm for remote work and selecting your cloud technology provider.

  • Legal Tech: Recovery Models for e-Discovery and Litigation Support Services that Make an Impact

    April 01, 2020 |

    With big data and the resulting explosion of electronic documents, texts, images and voicemails that are subject to discovery, the cost burden was increasing at a pace that required firms to reconsider their recovery approach. This is why in 2019, Mattern conducted its first deep dive into e-discovery and litigation support cost recovery in the 2020 e-Discovery and Litigation Support Cost Recovery Survey. Some of the results were surprising.

  • States Take the Lead on Securing IoT

    April 01, 2020 |

    The California IoT Security Law is the first of its kind in the nation and pushes device manufacturers to adopt cybersecurity standards during the product development and design stages where none have existed before.

  • Coronavirus Work-from-Home Response A Boon for Cybercriminal Exploitation

    April 01, 2020 |

    Companies determined to protect their employees and minimize the impact of COVID-19 are enforcing travel restrictions and strong work-from-home policies. However those actions can be used against employees as any firms are likely unprepared for the criminal appetite for the cyberattack exploitation of a remote workforce. Here are some of the key issues of which law firms and companies need to be aware and steps that should be considered to minimize the risk to keep everyone — and client data — safe.

  • The California Consumer Privacy Act is HERE: Are You Litigation Ready?

    April 01, 2020 |

    Most companies doing business in California are well aware of the CCPA and prepared diligently in advance of the law's Jan. 1, 2020 compliance deadline. While compliance certainly is key, even compliant businesses must consider — and prepare for — the eventual onslaught of class action litigation that is coming.

  • Protecting Innovation in the Cyber World from Patent Trolls

    March 01, 2020 |

    With trillions of dollars to keep watch over, the last thing we need is the distraction of costly litigation brought on by patent assertion entities (PAEs or "patent trolls"), companies that don't make any products but instead seek royalties by asserting their patents against those who do make products.