• Working Remotely? Here Are 4 Often-Overlooked Steps That Secure Your Data

    July 01, 2020 |

    By the time you read this, Americans will have been working from home for more than three months. This has never happened before in this country during the age of technology. As millions logged on to their home networks and personal devices in an attempt to keep their companies afloat, cybersecurity issues rose to the forefront of the many issues that companies had to manage.

  • How To Avoid Cybersecurity Challenges Brought On By the Pandemic

    July 01, 2020 |

    As the current pandemic has forced much of the world into virtual workforce mode, cybercriminals have seized on the uncertainty of the current times to launch new and creative offensives. Fears surrounding COVID-19 are high, conspiracy theories are running rampant, and cyberattackers are counting on stress and distraction to decrease our vigilance against intrusions.

  • Legal Tech: How to Streamline Your eDiscovery and Plan for the Future 

    July 01, 2020 |

    At law firms, attorneys will need to sustain the high quality of work they do in normal times, albeit with reduced budgets. The good news is that with ediscovery — an essential but expensive part of the litigation process — advances in technology since America's last recession have made it possible to save money and time by adopting a more modernized and comprehensive approach.

  • Synchronizing Legal Hold Requirements With Consumer Requests for Data Deletion

    July 01, 2020 |

    The biggest challenge with any legal hold process is ensuring that potentially relevant data is actually preserved. But with evolving requirements for how data is managed by new data privacy laws like the CCPA and the GDPR, it's become harder to secure data by simply sending a legal hold and assuming the custodian will do their duty to preserve it.

  • Lessons Learned from Recent FTC Data Security Enforcement Orders

    July 01, 2020 |

    Proposed class actions against Zoom are illustrative of a challenge many businesses face: what is "reasonable" data security? The FTC's key data-security-related enforcement can help guide businesses in developing their data security programs.

  • Preparing for the LIBOR Phase Out: Contract Remediation Starts with Contract Intelligence

    July 01, 2020 |

    The London Interbank Offered Rate has long been the global basis for agreements that include a variable interest rate component. However, LIBOR would be replaced by other benchmarks by the end of 2021. Key to assessing risk of exposure, quantifying the financial impact, developing remediation plans and communicating material information to stakeholders will be the identification, analysis and remediation of LIBOR-based contracts.