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    Editor's Note

    June 01, 2016 |

    Editor's NoteDear Readers: It is with the deepest regret that we must inform you that this issue of The Insurance Coverage Law Bulletin will be the last.…

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    Bifurcation of Bad-Faith Claims

    June 01, 2016 |

    Recently, federal courts across the country have ruled on insurers' motions to bifurcate bad-faith litigation; i.e., motions to separate and stay discovery and/or the trial of the bad-faith claims from the insured's claim for coverage.

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    Anti-Concurrent Clauses

    June 01, 2016 |

    This two-part article constitutes an overall review of ACC clauses in first-party property policies and their application across the United States. Most courts have found ACC clauses to be enforceable, although a handful of states have held that insurers may not contractually opt out of the state's causation doctrines, i.e. , efficient proximate cause or concurrent causation. We conclude the article herein.

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    Case Notes

    May 01, 2016 |

    According to a recent decision by the Supreme Court of New Jersey, an insurer denying coverage based upon an insured's failure to provide timely notice of a claim under a "claims made" directors and officers policy is not required to show appreciable prejudice ' provided such "claims made" policy was agreed to by sophisticated parties.

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    Deepwater Horizon

    April 01, 2016 |

    The tragic circumstances of the blowout of the Macondo Well that was being drilled in the Gulf of Mexico by Deepwater Horizon have helped clarify how to determine the extent of insurance coverage that is extended to parties who contract with the insured to be named as an additional insured on its liability policies.