• The Relationship Between Leadership and Management in More Successful Law Firms

    March 01, 2018 |

    Financial stability within a law firm practice does not guarantee harmony within the partnership itself — far from it. Law firm management that does not acknowledge or reflect the importance of firm leadership and the contributions and needs of its members endangers a firm's cohesiveness and its very existence, no matter how many clients come through the front door.

  • 2017 Roundup: Equity vs. Non-Equity Membership

    January 01, 2018 |

    Last Year Saw a Number of Interesting Decisions Concerning the Identity, Rights and Obligations of Non-Equity Owners, Including Partners and Shareholders

    2017 saw a number of interesting decisions concerning the identity, rights and obligations of non-equity owners, including partners and shareholders. As more firms utilize non-equity members to play vital roles within their firms, it will become more important for them to take note of these decisions and the guidance they provide.

  • 2018: What Last Year's Trends Can Mean for Big Law

    January 01, 2018 |

    With the new year upon us, law firms have just been through the typical year-end crush of collections, budgeting, compensation decisions and more. The authors recently took a look at 2017's hottest trends, and explored what we could expect from them in 2018.

  • From Your Editor: Happy New Year, 2018!

    January 01, 2018 |

    Editor-in-Chief Kimberly Rice shares some thoughts on the direction of legal services in the U.S., and the role as strategically-minded legal marketing executives who strive to help shape the success of their lawyer clients to think outside their comfort zones of hourly billing and high compensation packages.

  • To Train or Not to Train? That Is the Question

    January 01, 2018 |

    Before starting a training program, conduct a needs assessment when performance is inappropriate or inadequate. This means when one or more attorneys or staff are not doing what they should be doing, or they are doing something they should not be doing. Here's how to proceed.

  • FATCA Revamp

    January 01, 2018 |

    Will Your Company Be Prepared?

    FATCA is an effort by the United States to curb tax evasion and incentivize Foreign Financial Institutions (FFI) to report the overseas assets of U.S. persons. The U.S. encourages compliance by imposing a 30% withholding penalty on all U.S. source income and sale proceeds of non-compliant foreign financial institutions.