• What Do Practice Group Leaders Really Do?

    October 02, 2017 |

    Part One of a Two-Part Article

    Managing partners and members of executive committees in the most successful law firms strongly support the concept of having Practice Group Leaders (PGLs) assume a major role in their firms' efforts. Here's why.

  • How Firms Should Be Measuring the Profitability of Matters

    October 02, 2017 |

    Matter profitability matters. Yet most firms struggle to measure it in a manner that is accurate, focused on the levers partners control, and inclines partners to take action. Using margin per-partner-hour (MPH) to measure profitability delivers on these objectives.

  • Exit Interviews and Your Firm's Culture

    October 02, 2017 |

    Through the process of conducting exit interviews with the good attorneys who have left, along with those the firm has asked to leave, you can gather intel about your firm's culture. The business justification for doing exit interviews is to learn about and improve systematic organizational or interpersonal issues that may be adversely impacting your firm.

  • Cyber Crime Now Targeting Law Firms

    September 02, 2017 |

    Cyber attacks and theft are on the rise around the country, and law firms are becoming prime targets. Unlike manufacturers, banks and retailers, law firms are unique organizations that are highly vulnerable.

  • Diversity As a Differentiator in the Legal Profession

    September 02, 2017 |

    One aspect of law firms that is becoming increasingly of interest to clients — and an area that might offer opportunities for differentiation — is law firm commitment to increasing and sustaining diversity.

  • Communication and Why It Matters

    September 02, 2017 |

    The art of speaking, understanding, asking and developing dialogue has been eliminated in this fast-paced, quick-reply, "do it now" universe we now live in. Sure, we can communicate around the world in seconds, and conduct business at extraordinary speed; however we have lost the "human" elements of conversation. And it matters!

  • Financing and Leasing Technology Is a Strategic Advantage

    September 02, 2017 |

    Law firms may want to leverage a specific law firm management technology to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, but might not want to purchase those tools outright. How are you equipping your firm to succeed both in the present day and into the future?

  • Standing at the Crossroads of Legal Innovation

    August 02, 2017 |

    The law firm business model of the past is under attack. Slowly, private legal is responding with things like developing knowledge management systems, establishing jobs for data analysts who can establish pricing of services and beginning to look at ways to outline workflows and processes. Unfortunately, corporate clients are impatient and are beginning to push harder for improved efficiency and increased speed of service delivery.

  • Motivating Attorneys to Accomplish Firm Objectives

    August 02, 2017 |

    The two major challenges now facing lawyer management in many of these mid-size firms are: 1) how to motivate the non-entrepreneurial attorneys to achieve and to perform; and 2) how to retain the "over-achiever" attorneys so they will remain with the firm.

  • The Law Firm Value Proposition

    August 02, 2017 |

    How to Successfully Hire Lateral Partners

    Every firm the author meets with has a long list of must-haves when it comes to potential lateral hiring, yet very few have defined their value proposition or can live up to an equally long list of offerings for a lateral partner to considerthem. Here are his suggestions for successfully hiring laterals.