• Professional Coaching: A Gift That Keeps on Giving

    October 02, 2017 |

    This article offers a case for legal marketers to consider when strategizing how to best support their lawyer clients on a level that they are personally unable to do on their own, given the many diverse demands within a busy marketing department.

  • Voice of the Client: Ask, Listen, Act, Learn, Repeat

    October 02, 2017 |

    The idea that law firms should seek client feedback is hardly an innovative concept. So why does anecdotal evidence, as well as industry research, continue to show that many firms are not actively and routinely engaged in capturing this meaningful information?

  • Marketing Tech: Five Digital Marketing Trends That Affect You

    October 02, 2017 |

    Today's digital marketing is happening on mobile devices. Viewing law firm marketing through this mobile lens makes decisions easier concerning SEO, content marketing, social media, podcasting, webinars, email outreach, blogging, video and downloadable content.

  • Alternative Fee Arrangements in Complex Litigation

    October 02, 2017 |

    The Case for Value Billing

    Alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) are about value, a benefit legal departments are increasingly pressured to bring to their companies. When hiring an outside lawyer, clients are not looking for "hours," and they certainly are not looking for tenths of hours. They seek value.

  • Legal Tech
    Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Business Process Management and Law Firms

    October 02, 2017 |

    Though traditionally considered laggards when adopting new technology, law firms have recently started to explore new tricks to fortify performance across their organizations. While this evolution is critical to a firm's survival, it's important that firm administrators understand that substantive improvements are only possible through multi-directional change.

  • Leadership: Linking Law Firm Leadership with Revenue Generation

    September 02, 2017 |

    What is missing in driving revenue growth at law firms is accelerating leadership. It is one of 12 exceptional management practices that firms should focus on, including branding, building client value, strategy, team building, and so forth.

  • Is Anyone Reading Your Content?

    September 02, 2017 |

    How to Make Sure They Do

    Giving clients and prospects valuable information is a proven way to market, but to be effective it must be the right kind of content, both in terms of style and substance. It also needs to be marketed with your end goals in mind.

  • Marketing Tech: Qualities That Clients Want

    September 02, 2017 |

    How to Leverage Technology to Showcase Them

    From following up more effectively to communicating with greater frequency, the elements of distinction are well known, but often poorly executed. Those who embrace them, even imperfectly, are likely to rise above their peers.

  • Diversity As a Differentiator in the Legal Profession

    September 02, 2017 |

    One aspect of law firms that is becoming increasingly of interest to clients — and an area that might offer opportunities for differentiation — is law firm commitment to increasing and sustaining diversity.