• Showcasing Attorney Expertise: Guidance for Law Firms

    March 01, 2018 |

    Many attorneys already share intellectual capital by writing articles or delivering presentations with the hope of attracting additional business. However, most individuals, and even firms, have not developed a cohesive plan to ensure maximum exposure.

  • Professional Development: Adding Value with a Client Visit Initiative

    March 01, 2018 |

    The increasing competition in the legal industry highlights the importance of differentiation and adding value beyond the work product. Face-to-face interactions with clients are a critical component in differentiation because they provide the opportunity to understand better the nuances of clients' businesses, develop deeper relationships, and drive productive collaboration.

  • Video Marketing Will Soon Be Essential

    February 01, 2018 |

    As marketing executives, we know our firms ought to be doing video marketing. We understand that video allows us to connect with audiences in ways that the written word never will. If your firm has not yet joined the video marketing revolution, there is still plenty of room on the bandwagon. In fact, many of the country's largest firms still have no online video presence. It's time to take advantage of this increasingly essential marketing tool.

  • Marketing Tech: SEO: Will It Actually Work for Your Firm?

    February 01, 2018 |

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to help drive traffic to your website, but is also a very misunderstood term. This article helps clarify what SEO really is, and if it will help with your business development activities.

  • 2018: What Last Year's Trends Can Mean for Big Law

    January 01, 2018 |

    With the new year upon us, law firms have just been through the typical year-end crush of collections, budgeting, compensation decisions and more. The authors recently took a look at 2017's hottest trends, and explored what we could expect from them in 2018.

  • From Your Editor: Happy New Year, 2018!

    January 01, 2018 |

    Editor-in-Chief Kimberly Rice shares some thoughts on the direction of legal services in the U.S., and the role as strategically-minded legal marketing executives who strive to help shape the success of their lawyer clients to think outside their comfort zones of hourly billing and high compensation packages.

  • Professional Development: Marketing Plans for Partners

    January 01, 2018 |

    Better Yet: 'Personal Strategic Plans'

    If law firm partners thought of themselves as their own small business and not just a member of their firm, they would embrace the idea of creating a personal strategic vision. No need to hire a consultant; it just takes thought and time to memorialize it.

  • Media & Communications: Co-authored Articles in Industry Trade Publications

    January 01, 2018 |

    Trade publications deliver industry-specific news with tremendous value to their readers. Your firm's attorneys are poised to deliver powerful and actionable insights to these target audiences. These practical pointers in industry publications go directly to readers who eagerly await market-tested solutions.

  • Leadership: Nurturing Thought Leaders

    January 01, 2018 |

    When your target audience has an opportunity to connect with the thoughts and expertise of a team member, there's a stronger bond of trust than if that same audience were reading a press release. Here's how to make that happen.