• Unique Cyber Risks Faced By the Cannabis Industry

    December 01, 2019 |

    All companies face cybersecurity threats, but the legalized cannabis industry's storage of personally identifiable information and reliance on seed-to-sale tracking software can place it firmly within hackers' crosshairs.

  • Cybersecurity Experts Needed in U.S.

    December 01, 2019 |

    The Country Is In Dire Need of Experts Who Possess the Advanced Knowledge, Skills and Experience Required to Combat Cybersecurity Crimes In an effort to protect our financial, personal, medical, and otherwise confidential data, as well as our election systems, we need to continue to attract and employ the services of the most qualified cybersecurity experts from around the world. However, at present, there is a dire shortage of such qualified experts in the United States.

  • Can Artificial Intelligence Fix Security Issues?

    December 01, 2019 |

    There is great enthusiasm about what AI can do to promote better living conditions, evoking wisdom, providing business intelligence through deep analysis of behavior and habits, by signaling trends and anticipating demand. But there are other considerations as well. A critical one is cybersecurity.

  • The California Consumer Privacy Act: Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask — 100 Days Out

    November 01, 2019 |

    Part Two of a Two-Part Article Part One of this article, last issue, covered how the CCPA applies to businesses — both in and outside California, the revenue threshold, proposed amendments and other open issues. Part Two continues with the rights that CCPA grants to Californians, the CCPA's impact on company privacy policies, how other states' privacy laws compare to the CCPA, exceptions and penalties for violating the Act.

  • Why Data Competency Is a Requisite for Tomorrow's Practitioners

    October 01, 2019 |

    Whether they like it or not, lawyers interact with data every day. While there is no need for them to seek advanced degrees in data science or statistics, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to provide adequate representation without being skilled in the uses of data.

  • Expanding Your Digital Strategy with RPA

    June 01, 2019 |

    Beyond improving efficiency, new advancements in Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, are helping lawyers do more billable work without hiring more people.