• Is Cyber-Risk Insurable?

    April 01, 2019 |

    In an environment of moving targets, it seems unimaginable that insurance against cybersecurity attacks can be robust enough to provide real protection. There are many types of risks involved, and some include physical damage to property.

  • Legal Tech -- Behind the Tech: Client-Centric Innovation: The Evolution of the Casepoint Platform

    April 01, 2019 |

    One In a Continuing Series of Articles Looking At Legal Tech Innovation and the Story Behind It

    In seeing clients' pain-points and becoming intimately engaged with their internal processes, my colleagues and I resolved to address a problem that many of our clients may not have even known they could fix. Our overriding goal from the outset was to fill the efficiency void that was so obvious in all of the feedback we were receiving from clients across the board by developing a fully integrated, end-to-end legal workflow platform.

  • The Principles of Good Cyber Risk Management

    April 01, 2019 |

    Apart from headline grabbing attacks, we are now seeing an epidemic of cyber attacks. Concern has shifted from dealing with data being stolen and sold on the dark Web to handling serious ransomware and destructive attacks, where attackers are looking for immediate monetary output.

  • Legal Tech: Winter 2019 E-Discovery Case Law Review

    March 01, 2019 |

    As a practice, e-discovery involves professionals from a variety of disciplines. For this case law review, we spoke with professionals who play different roles in the e-discovery process to identify three case law rulings from 2018 that stood out in the impact they have on how e-discovery is practiced today.

  • Know Your Tech

    March 01, 2019 |

    Technologies are often pitched as solutions, if not game-changing solutions. Indeed, many times they are, but no solution comes without the seeds of its own costs and challenges. For pragmatic and regulatory compliance reasons, it is increasingly important for boards, senior executives and general counsel to sufficiently understand technologies, not just their potential promise.