• Predicting What 2022 Holds for Cybersecurity

    January 01, 2022 |

    Predictions aside, complacency is not an option if you plan to survive and thrive in 2022. Rest assured, the future of cybersecurity is bright, but it will come with its own set of challenges. We look forward into the future because the sooner we can start adapting strategy, policies, and technologies, the better off everyone will be in the long run.

  • Biometric Privacy: A Year In Review (2021) and The Year Ahead (2022)

    January 01, 2022 |

    The year started with Portland, Oregon's ban on the use of facial recognition technology by private entities in places of "public" accommodation. It concluded with the rendering of important appellate decisions on the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act. In the middle, was the continued flurry of litigation, class action settlements, and legislative activity.

  • 'Never Trust, Always Verify': Zero Trust Security

    January 01, 2022 |

    Recognizing the ever-increasing cyber threats to businesses, government entities, and individuals, the White House announced that Federal Civilian Executive Branch agencies must migrate toward Zero Trust Cybersecurity Architecture by September 2024. Under Zero Trust, trust is the ultimate vulnerability of any system and, therefore, trust has to be eliminated from a business' cybersecurity approach.

  • Protecting a Website's Legal Identity

    January 01, 2022 |

    Protecting an internet site's legal identity begins with the settled proposition that domain names are a form of personal property. The classification of a domain name as property allows the owner to register the domain name with the United States Trademark Office. Additionally, a domain name owner may state a claim for conversion against an entity that unlawfully interferes with the domain name property.

  • Analyzing the Impact of the Many New Rules of Cybersecurity

    December 01, 2021 |

    New cybersecurity and data protection federal regulations, directives and guidelines as well as new case law, industry-specific guidelines and new state laws that, when taken together, form an industry standard applicable to almost all business sectors

  • In a Year of the Great Resignation, Corporations Need to Prepare for the Great Investigation

    December 01, 2021 |

    Even before this Great Resignation movement, corporations across the globe were reporting increases in suspicious activity, data leakage, IP theft and other data risks stemming from departing employees and remote workers. And now, with more employees having exited and the Great Resignation seeming to accelerate further, existing data and risk implications are likely to be compounded.

  • How Law Firms Can Gain a Competitive Advantage with Financial Intelligence

    December 01, 2021 |

    Results of the new "Implementing Financial Intelligence to Give Law Firms a Competitive Advantage in 2022 and Beyond" report revealed a striking shift in the role of law firm finance leaders, both in their value and impact. Many are using data to drive change in their organizations, amplifying the power of profitability, and leveraging their skill to fuel innovation.