• It's Legalweek Time Again

    January 01, 2020 |

    This year, Legalweek will feature workshop boot camps, networking events, hundreds of exhibitors on the tradeshow floor and three conferences designed to address key issues at a functional level: LegalCIO, Legal Business Strategy, and, of course, Legaltech, the world's largest and longest running trade show for legal technology.

  • Data Privacy: Building Compliant and Adaptable Systems

    January 01, 2020 |

    Rather than trying to institute changes to comply with every new privacy law as it emerges, a better approach is to view data privacy as an overall framework and adopt a holistic response to compliance with the built-in flexibility to constantly adapt to an ever-changing legal landscape.

  • A Look Behind, A Look Ahead: Part 1 - Cybersecurity

    January 01, 2020 |

    Cybersecurity Law & Strategy partnered with our ALM sibling Legaltech News to ask cybersecurity and e-discovery experts what they thought the key trends were in 2019 and what they expect to see in 2020.

  • GDPR Had Some Bite in 2019

    January 01, 2020 |

    Although no company was hit with the maximum GDPR fine of 4% of the company's worldwide annual revenue, GDPR fines issued in 2019 were still a force to be reckoned with.

  • Cybersecurity Skills Update for 2020

    January 01, 2020 |

    The demand for capable skilled professionals and team players in the information security industry is increasing. For those gaining skills to work in the industry for the first time, the challenge remains to hit the ground running with a position and, better, with a career path. Yet no career path in this industry will sidestep an ongoing foothold in the classroom — onsite or virtual.

  • Legal Tech: Babst Calland & Solvaire: An AI Contract Review Use Case

    January 01, 2020 |

    In today's business climate, clients demand greater efficiency when it comes to contract review for many complex deals and transactions. We have found that the combination of deep legal expertise, coupled with embracing carefully researched and vetted technology, is the most effective means of delivering high quality and timely review in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

  • Insider Trading Policies and Cybersecurity

    December 02, 2019 |

    Cybersecurity has been a high priority topic for the SEC the past few years. In September 2017, the SEC created a Cyber Unit within its Enforcement Division. This Cyber Unit had over 225 active investigations at the SEC's 2018 fiscal year end. The SEC has focused in particular on cybersecurity risks facing public companies.

  • Unique Cyber Risks Faced By the Cannabis Industry

    December 01, 2019 |

    All companies face cybersecurity threats, but the legalized cannabis industry's storage of personally identifiable information and reliance on seed-to-sale tracking software can place it firmly within hackers' crosshairs.

  • Law Firms Enter the Golden Age of Data Mining

    December 01, 2019 |

    As a matter of practice, law firms generate and store incomprehensible amounts of data. Most, if not all, of that data has been digitized and many firms that recognize the untapped value of their data have begun to leverage sophisticated technologies to mine it for reusable work product and valuable insights.