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Law Firm Marketing and Business Development

Using Financial Intelligence to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Many law firm finance leaders are using data to drive change in their organizations, amplifying the power of profitability, and leveraging their skill to fuel innovation. Ultimately, they are helping their firms gain a competitive advantage.


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The pandemic impacted the business of law in a variety of ways, and I was fortunate to identify shifts in the application of data to decision-making, the perception of profitability, and the pace of innovation for a new report — Implementing Financial Intelligence to Give Law Firms a Competitive Advantage in 2022 and Beyond — published by a consortium of companies that includes BigHand, BRYTER, and SurePoint Technologies. It features the perspectives of 20 chief financial officers, seven finance directors (three of which serve as the CFO since they are the department leader), and three accounting managers at law firms of various sizes (with a median of 103) throughout the United States.

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